Terms and Conditions

The rental and use of the E-bike presupposes the knowledge and unconditional acceptance by the user of this regulation, of the rates, about opening and closing times of BLACKLEMON BIKE (asset manager) in the person of DE RISO LINDA, with registered office in:
via Monte 15, Minori (SA) - P.iva (TaxCode) IT06095380652.


The use of the e-bike presupposes the physical fitness and the technical expertise of those who intend to drive it. Therefore, the user declares to be equipped with adequate capacity and appropriate competence, without any doubt In the case of use by underage with the signing of this contract the parent/foster of the child assumes all the responsibilities indicated in this contract and by Italian law.


To obtain the rental of a e-bike the user must submit in advance to BLACKLEMON BIKE, a valid ID or a driving license and a non-refillable credit card from which you will pay for the rental and any damage caused to the rented equipment. In addition, a valid email address for billing purposes.


The rental agreement is concluded upon successful submit of the online procedure at the dedicated webpage blacklemon.bike if you do not access at the online mode, the agreement is concluded by signing a special form at the time of booking or in any case at the time of delivery of the rented material. Reservations can be cancelled up to three (3) days prior to pickup, after this term the rental cost will not be refunded.


The user declares to collect the e-bike and all the rented material in perfect working and maintenance. Any damage must be reported and reported in the appropriate check box (on Check-in form). The customer (lessee) is responsible for the rented item and assumes full responsibility for the rental items. In case of loss of the rented equipment, due to theft or total and irreparable damage, the material will be charged to the lessee at the list price indicated by the manufacturer. In case of damage to the rented equipment due to inadequate use and/or vandal treatment, the repair costs will be charged to the lessee as per estimate/invoice of the authorized workshop.


You can use our e-bikes exclusively as a mode of transport and is to be treated with care, common sense and diligence, so as to avoid damage to both the same and related accessories. It is forbidden to use the bicycle to carry out commercial activities, it can be sold for use to other subjects.


The user is responsible for the e-bike until it is returned to the BLACKLEMON; is also responsible for damages caused to himself, to the e-bike and to third parties and things during the possession of the rented equipment. The BLACKLEMON cannot be involved in any form of compensation.


During the rental the User does not have any form of insurance against theft. E-bikes are not covered by any form of RC insurance (Civil Liability), the user is therefore obliged to comply with the rules of the italian road’s Law. BLACKLEMON BIKE declines any form of liability in case of improper use of the vehicle or failure to comply with the rules of the Highway Code.


BLACKLEMON BIKE can carry out checks to Users during the use of e-bikes and can request the return if it sees the conditions of improper use of the vehicle. BLACKLEMON may refuse the rental to persons in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of narcotic substances (pursuant to articles 186-187 of the Highway Code) and for other reasons at the sole discretion of the Manager himself.


In case of loss of the keys, the bicycle accessories or for damage, the Manager will ask the Customer the necessary amount for the original restoration of the bicycle, on the basis of what is indicated in this agreement or, in the absence of the price list, the supplier’s estimate; in case of total theft the user must refund the BLACKLEMON of the amount shown in the price list of the manufacturer.


The bicycle must be returned, in accordance with the times indicated in this agreement, to the same place where it was rented (Pick Up), unless otherwise stated. The delivery must take place within 20:00 of the drop-off day established, for deliveries after the indicated time, will be charged the amount of an additional day of rental The bicycle is considered returned only if delivered directly to BLACKLEMON with the signature of the return on the rental agreement. The non-return of the e-bikes, without prior notice or in any case not motivated by exceptional cases, will be considered as a crime of theft and therefore reported to the Judicial Authority.


In case of early termination of the rental contract, no refund will be granted by returning the rented equipment. Refunds will only be granted in the event of illness and/or accident by presentation of a regular medical certificate.


The user can request from BLACKLEMON the delivery and collection of e-bikes in other places than the standard pickup point, subject to agreement with the operator.


In case of theft of the e-bikes, the User must submit to the Operator a copy of the report of theft made at the competent authorities and pay the amount equal to the value of the bicycle object of the theft (see Art. 9), which will be returned to him in the event of the recovery of the vehicle itself only if the same has preserved its functionality for use and is in such condition as to be used again for rental.

To the extent not mentioned in this Regulation, the relationship between the parties (contractors) is governed by the rules of the Civil Code. For any dispute between the contracting parties, the competent court is that of Salerno.